Celebrating Scout ~ June 08 1994 ♥

Scout's here!
{Jon Cody's wedding is just weeks away!}

Just weeks old, Scout takes a wet & wild family beach vacation.

No time to lose.
Thinking deep thoughts.

Hamming it up right from the start
with fun loving, sister loving, big brother, Dusty.

Age 3. Eugene, Oregon.

Broadway Bound visits Broadway at age 10.

N.Y.C. ~ No trip is complete without a ride on
Macy's wooden escalators...
all the way up to Santa Land,
another Big Apple treasured experience.

Scout and her new old friend at the Herald Square Hotel.
As adorable as he is, so is that entire hotel experience.
{It's the former Life Magazine Building.}

*To see Scout & her N.Y.C. Police
Horse Moment click HERE

Scout & her Fresh Air Friend, Sabrina,
always looked forward to their precious summer
weeks together. Here they rest on the way up
Mt. Cardigan near our home in Canaan, NH.
Of course, Chip always has to get in on the act.

Together, they made it.

Scout loved this spot on our mountainside.

She spent many hours happily engaged in her freethinking daydreams.

One of my favorite Scout characteristics ...
not only does she entertain delightful past times
but she appreciates them so that
she photographs them as well.
What a precious outlook on happiness to provide
for its preservation in your memory.

Dusty presented Scout with these gorgeous roses
in honor of her performance as Ernestine Gilbreath
in 'Cheaper By The Dozen'. I had the pleasure of
directing her and she was as radiant on stage as you see her here.

Scout decorated this plain fresh wreath by herself
using a $1 white elephant table bag of pretties.

This last summer, Scout was reunited with
her honorary brothers, Joe and Dan.
{And how great to combine this with
breakfast at the Waffle House?}
She's VERY excited to see them again in just
a few short weeks at Jon Cody's wedding.

♥ HaPpY 15th BiRtHDaY, Scout! ♥

ox Mama


Beth said...

A beautiful tribute to Scout on her birthday. Happy Birthday Scout.

Yankeegirl said...

So sweet...happy birthday to a smart, beautiful and talented girl!!!

Chauncey said...

A precious walk down memory lane. A very Happy Birthday to you, Scout!!

Sixsisters said...

What a delightful post about a delightful young lady.
Happy Birthday Scout. xx

ZudaGay said...

Great birthday post!!! Happy Birthday Scout!! I'll ditto Six...

On a Whimsey said...

Happy Birthday from across the Pond - I am sure your day will be as delightful as you! Enjoy!

Dena said...

Wonderful blog post honoring a very special young lady.
Happy Birthday Scout!

Karen Fisher said...

You look so mature, I thought you'd be older! My Olivia will be 15 1/2/10. Have a wonderful day!
Say hi to mom!
Karen, from NY!

Judy Nolan said...

I loved looking at these photos of Scout growing up...wonderful progression! Happy Birthday, Scout!

Stacy's Designs 88 said...

Happy Happy Birthday Scout! Yayyy! Hip Hip Hooray! Love, Stacy :)

LissaMe said...

what a beutiful post...This has to be the perfect birthday gift..