More Packaging FUN

Here's a recent package 
I sent to my favorite Floridian.

As always, I recycled papers
and oddments.

The bird piece is from a coffee bag.
It is sewn onto a safety envelope bit.
You can see the reverse in last
photo below.

This is the inside of a Daisy sour cream
seal.  I stitched a safety envelope circle
onto it just for the heck of it.

The popsicle stick is from 
our delicious Texas Blue Bell ice cream.

The message continues on side B.

The floral piece is a card section.
The message is on the back.  

I had a good time gathering up
these pieces and creating these
silly bookmarks for my cuz.

Do you have a favorite 
recycled packaging story?
Please share it and a link
if you have one, in my comments.
I'd love to see your art.

Until next time...


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