9.20.12 ... besos


just some photos of my beautiful besos. 
i took these two months ago and readied them for my blog. wow. i am behind. big time. 
how was everyone's summer?


i hope you have a kitty who brings you half as much pleasure as this one brings us.

thanks for stopping by. 

until next time. 
happiness to you. from me. with heart. 

ox joon


eli said...

Hi Joon! some time ago I visited your post with the good things book, and I fell in love with it! Have you completed it? It's such a beautiful idea!

joon said...

Hi Eli! Thanks so much for visiting and your comment. I am still doing my good things. I have been doing it for years so I am not sure which one you saw here. I just keep making more and filling them up. Have you made one? :) Come back again soon. Have a beautiful day. Your blog is lovely.