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7.19.12 ... new ironing board cover & vintage Made in America overalls


it will come as no surprise to you that my ironing board came from a neighbor's trash day heap. nicest ironing board i've ever had. cannot believe people put perfectly good items for the trash truck and fill up our dumps. the flip side of that is people who have absolute rotting crap stored in their garages and homes. but, onward... i think ironing board covers are designed - and i use that term so loosely - by the same people who design linoleum, wallpaper and sofa fabrics. they have a problem, but not nearly as big a problem as the industry that supports this bizarre phenomenon. but, again, i digress. long story short, i make my own covers because environment is everything and ugly is just plain unacceptable. 

i love to iron. but even if i didn't i would need to in order to sew, which i also love. and life is way too short to look at one of those vile designs every day. i had a wonderful cover i'd made out of peanuts character baseball theme fabric. that was probably six years and five moves ago so you can imagine the state it was in. it was time to say goodbye. (although i do have it in my laundry pile just in case it will clean up well enough to work as a pile of cleaning rags or something.) this one is made from a wonderful heavy cotton shower curtain - the kind you'd use with a separate liner. i found it at a thrift store. brand new. 

this one is cheery and reminds me that this is the time in our life when we live by the zoo and visit it ridiculously often. i hope it lasts a long, long time. but i have a lot more of this fabric so i think i am set for my little glimpse of eternity here on our beautiful swirling blue planet.


my first project was hemming three pairs of pants that i found, of course, at the thrift store. i was looking for overalls for my sweet cousin. i didn't find any for her - yet - but i found two pair for me. 

this pair blows me away because i had forgotten about these painter's overalls that were all the thing in the 1970/80s. this pair has never been worn and its trip to the laundromat with me was its first. i think these were 1.99 (before my 'senior' discount) and i can't wait until they wear in. 

i plan to start on that endeavor immediately.


this is another view of my new cover. and what do you think of my sewing scissors? dusty gave them to me and they are one of my favorite treasures. i love scissors and collect them. this pair is at the top of my ron swanson-ish scissor pyramid. 

i am not sure using a pair of scissors should infuse one with the level of happiness these do but i have to be honest and say if you owned a pair of these your life happiness meter would jump off the chart. just saying sometimes i have an edge over my peers. 

this is one of those times.


the other pair of overalls is seen here on top of the stack. it is also a wonderful find. it's a great cotton fabric with a favorite fine woven grid-like texture that i have only seen one other time, lightweight and soft as butter but will last me forever. it was a very lucky thrift day for me.


i wish we would find this on most of the clothing in our stores. 

but. alas. 

all the more reason this is such a superior thrift find. and why i am drawn to the thrifting addiction. could be much worse. by the way, scout and i picked up 400 pieces of litter last week. that was a great feeling of accomplishment and good deed-ism. 

thanks for stopping by. until next time. happiness to you. from me. with heart. 

ox joon


06.03.12 ... farmer's market


we have a new farmer's market just a hop, skip and a jump away. we discovered it last week and tried a few things and were so blown away by vegetables with 1960s taste that we anxiously awaited our return this saturday. so here is our haul. isn't it gorgeous? 

another reason to love living in california.

we have gone to farmer's markets everywhere we have lived but none have had anything that was any different or better than what we'd find in the grocery store and at triple the price. these are all comparably priced - some are less than store cost -
 and i cannot even describe to you the difference in taste. incredible. 
this makes us very happy.

the little bit of lettuce we have leftover from last week is as fresh as a daisy. 
what a great summer we have to look forward to.


have you tried the trick of rinsing your strawberries in vinegar water? it kills mold spores and does not affect the taste. you can rinse them with clear water if you want but it is not necessary. i tried it for the first time with these and they are absolutely perfect today. let me know if you do this or try it yourself.

thanks for stopping by. until next time. happiness to you. from me. with heart. 
ox joon


4.4.12 ... handmade recycled paper art books


i have mentioned these before, but, as a refresher, i have something i have named my good things books. they are small. in them, i have a daily entry with three good things that happened that day. it is not a diary, but more of an art happy book. i include sketches and the entries are always in different colors and styles. so each day is individual. the entries are short and sweet. some days it is hard to come up with three good things, like on the day you had to say good bye to your beloved pet. but you can always find three small acts of happiness and when you look back over these little books, you will see your life in a nutshell, but with a positive spin. it is truly something and i cannot recommend this habit too highly. the idea for these books came to me because i had saved a newspaper article from the 1980s and the gist of it was: what would you do if you could do anything you wanted if you knew you had three days to live? and then it posed the question: what are you waiting for? you should spend each day as if you only have three days to live and you will live a life better suited to you and your happiness. 

life is shorter than you think.

anyway --- i used to hunt down small, pretty journal style books with unlined paper. and these are ridiculously vanquished all of a sudden over the past few years. plus, the handful i manage to find are overpriced and made in china which defies the purpose of my books as they are good thing themed and i do not find china produced paper products in my life to be a good thing. so i started making my own. at first i made groovy covers with plain white paper (recycled, naturally) inside. but then i started mixing up the papers and adding touches from discarded library books and whatever. and when i write in them i write around the images and type. it is a lot of fun. very inspirational. and, of course, the feeling you get from creating your very own book makes it more of a good things book than it already is. here is my latest along with scout's version - a personal sketch book. i hope these will bring you some inspiration and you will join the daily good things habit along with me. 

life is hard. it helps. a lot.


my miniature abe helps prop open my book for you.


a sample page with three days of my good things.


i have a vintage map of los angeles. i found it years ago and i love it. it is tattered and worn and i sometimes use it as background in my etsy shop photos. since we are new here, i decided to make a copy of the section where we live and use it as a cover. i used my textured card stock and love the effect. by the way, whenever you see new paper in my creations - which is rare - it is because i found it in a thrift store or fine paper wholesale store in the ridiculously marked down bin because it is the last ream they have type of thing. hence, the rarity. but i do love those finds. this beautiful white paper is one of them.


sometimes i use pretty magazine clippings.


i often use discarded library book images.


scout has this thrift found music notation book with awesome quotes. i added the 'button' - an image from a french magazine i have had for over 15 years.


the last page and inside back cover.


now we start to spy scout's book.


here is her cover. 
she used a piece of artwork i had saved. she was 3 years old. inside the cover is another watercolor. she laminated these together. the pigeons are from a magazine. i clipped this years ago. she LOVES pigeons. so she had to add that. isn't this a brilliant cover design?


scout is now designing and producing one-of-a-kind art journal books based on this one. she will be offering them in her etsy shop, so be sure to throw an eye.


this is the back cover. you can see that her pages are eclectic also.


and there you have it. a little bit of life from our world to yours.


thanks for stopping by. until next time. happiness to you. from me. with heart. 

ox joon


4.29.12 ... my tiny pencil


while looking for glue sticks the other day i found all sorts of other wonderful things in my office tub. things i haven't seen in a while like this wonderful old teeny pencil that was perfectly sharpened. 
just waiting for me.


it was fun to use it. 
naturally i used it on teeny tiny paper. 
they were a goldilocks fit. 
just wanted to share these with you. 

i took them serendipitously because the camera was sitting there and so was this miniature composition notebook. not the tiny paper i was using. i guess it was tiny day in my corner of the world.

do you have favorite teeny tiny things in your house?

thanks for stopping by. until next time. happiness to you. from me. with heart. 
ox joon


4.16.12 ... easter eggs of a different sort


we had a lovely time decorating these eggs last weekend. evan made the star wars themed egg designs. aren't they fabulous?


scout made a variety of designs and techniques. this tree is one of the greatest easter eggs i have ever seen. what do you think? 
it's crazy.


she also did the split sihouette egg, the one with the groovy tiny curleque lines, the watercolor scenes and the bright blue jellyfish egg! 
love them.


i think we will continue to decorate our eggs in this unique manner every year.


by the way, she also whips hers out in minutes. meanwhile, i am spending an hour doodling around with my silly simple designs.


if you blogged about your eggs please leave me a link in your comment.
 i'd love to see them.


sweet dreams, everyone. thanks for stopping by. until next time. happiness to you. from me. with heart. ox joon


3.21.12 ... shrinky dinks are us


i have missed blogging so i am going to start again.
 i have a plethora of photos that tell stories from the past few months of our new life here in beautiful southern california. 
in no particular order, i begin. 

scout made these chibi shrinky dinks of ev and me and i just love them. they are for our keychains. hope you enjoy seeing them. i am keeping them both since i am not quite so hard on my keys as ev. 
i know these are ephemeral, but i love seeing how long i can preserve delicate items. i have a good record so far.

i'll be back again soon. stay tuned. 

sweet dreams, everyone. thanks for stopping by. until next time. 

happiness to you. from me. with heart. 

ox joon


1.1.12 ... i did it. a.k.a : well, FINALLY!


happy 2012 everyone. this year my blog posts and creativity will take an even more eclectic turn. i have been tossing this idea around for a few months now and i have decided to go with it. i have brainstormed a list of headings and will use them as a guideline in no particular order. a serendipitous year. today's accomplishment: i gave scout a long overdue haircut. she is very happy with it. we were working on her portfolio for hours this evening and i am beat. that's all for now. maybe tomorrow i will share my topics list with you. 

sweet dreams, everyone. thanks for stopping by. until tomorrow. happiness to you. from me. with heart. ox joon


9.17.11 ... recycled postcard bookmarks


i received this postcard in 1999 from a dear friend who was in paris.


it's been on the brink of becoming something new many, many times since then.


but today it happened.


now the joy it has brought to me will be spread to others.


i love both of the yarn/threads used for these tails. i hope they last a long time. i have no idea when i will stumble upon two more like these.

sweet dreams, everyone. thanks for stopping by. until tomorrow. happiness to you. from me. with heart. ox joon


9.1.11 ... kung pao shrimp


i had a pretty full day working with my creative ideas but this one was by far the prettiest.


and tastiest. i have never made this with shrimp before. or cashews. it's usually chicken and peanuts. but, it was delightfully delicious. another culinary episode in the wilkinson galley. one of my more creative thoughts today is to write a book filled with projects and patterns for fabric creations that use 6, 8, 10 or 12 inch squares of fabric. i like that challenge. i will keep thinking. 

sweet dreams, everyone. thanks for stopping by. until tomorrow. happiness to you. from me. with heart. ox joon


8.29.11 ... my chibi stamp project and a package


today i made some bamboo paper note cards and envelopes using our homemade stamps. this one is scout's chibi caricature of me. isn't it amazing? she has a few refinements to make but we have to wait until ev builds and mounts it onto its block. but with 109* temperatures he isn't in the mood to go outside and work with his power tools. go figure. so it's a bit tricky making prints with it. for now.


i can't handle how good she is at this.


here's my crocodile. he's on the back corner of my notecards. they have my house stamp on front. and here is a package i prepared today...


pretty cute, eh? the jewelry box has handmade shredded tissue paper and miniature hearts sprinkled inside.


sweet dreams, everyone. thanks for stopping by. until tomorrow. happiness to you. from me. with heart. ox joon