Front Page of etsy!

I am having a great start to my Friday! Woo Hoo! My first front page as far as I know. How fun is this? Here's to eco friendly handmade. My painting, floating city, is one of two in my etsy shop that I painted onto discarded falling apart vintage book covers. Visit my shop to learn more and see this painting and its sister, JUMP.


limabeanhome said...

Congrats Joonbeam! I was also included in that front page treasury, so am having the same excitement. I'm glad we can share it together. I read your comment on my blog and wanted to send you a shout-out from your old stompin ground--Eugene. It's still raining here. . .:-)

Kitty said...

Yay! Congrats on front page!! That's awesome! While I wasn't in that front-paged Treasury, it's still exciting that EcoEtsy is getting this much exposure!! I remember when my Heart of the Palm print made it to front page--I didn't see it in person, but the comments and heart-jumps were wild!! Hope this brings you lots of sales!!

AltheaP said...

Oh, I'm so glad you captured this! It looked great up there!