Unless you are a Man WARNING! ... Revealed

Well, here we have a sample of my silverware collection. These beauties and funky vintage airline spoons, forks and knives are what we use every day. I'm hard pressed to choose a favorite and love having an eclectic array to choose from depending on my meal and my mood. There are many more and I am constantly on the lookout. Below is a close up. You can see the lovely and groovy design elements that attract me to this table setting style.

And now ~~~ The story revealed. What was in the: WARNING! Do not open unless you are a man' Pottery Barn box? Here it is: Evan's silverware! Kristoffer recalled hearing Evan joke about the lightweight feminine silverware he dines with each day and surprised us all on Christmas morning a few years ago with this gift for Evan only ...the ultimate 'MAN' cutlery. Steak and potatoes anyone? :)

Please give three rousing cheers for Scout, who so kindly polished every piece you see in these photos (go Crest toothpaste) for her dear old MoM. Thank you, Scout! Hope you all enjoyed the guessing game. We certainly did. Thanks so much for all your fine submissions. I'd love to know your favorite piece(s) here. So please feel free to post a comment. I'll be back soon with more groovy things I've found while packing for the great Austin Road Trip! Countdown is almost here! We should be leaving on August 15th! Tempus Fugit. ciao for now.

PS. More photos uploaded to my FLICKR page. If you are a silverware lover like me, come take a peek.

PPS. My flying housewife shop is on hiatus for August but joonbeam remains open with a Cricket Meow SALE section from now until ??? Mention 'MAN FORK' in the message to seller space and I will take an addition 10% off your order ~ this includes the entire shop; excludes shipping. I will stay open as long as I can until we leave. Watch my shop announcement for hiatus date at which point this sale has ended. Thank you friends!


On a Whimsey said...

Loved you sharing your silverware with us all!!!!

Each piece will always have that little treasured memory and as for the 'steak and chips' service!!!! What fun:)

maryeb said...

Silverware! I never would have guessed. Scout's terrific. Those pieces look great.

ZudaGay said...

Ha!!! Silverware never popped in my head even for a second! They are definitely mannish utensils. OK..let's see... I love the flowery ones that are several from the right....but I think my favorite is the one farthest to the left. I love the simple feminine elegance of the flare on the end of the handle. Lovely silver!!!

AltheaP said...

I love the humor your family shares, Joon.

Lima Bean said...

I love mishmash, eclectic silverware as well! My favorite piece is a thin, long tined fork. I love the font you use in your blog posts! Enjoy your vacation.

Travel Turtle said...

That's airline silverware? That is awesome! I love airline nostalgia and never would have ever thought of using it.

missknits said...

all very cool!!

fisheye said...

I've gotta say that tablecloth looks pretty sweet! The flatware is cool, but I'm a fabric girl!

Pierre said...

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