Return to Me ~ A Treasure

Return to Me

We recently saw this Bonnie Hunt/Don Lake
film & cannot recommend it too highly.
It is truly special.
The heart that went into this film
is evident in every word and every frame.
It celebrates joy for life
and friendship
in a quiet, everyman setting.
We purchased the DVD within days.
Scout has been singing the Dean Martin title song.
She is now chomping at the bit to start her Dean collection.
We're constantly exclaiming
Jesus, Mary and Joseph ~
Scout with a wonderful Irish brogue.

As I wrote in my treasury,
we need more films like this.
Run, don't walk, to find it.

earth day everyday

This one was in celebration of earth day.
Three cheers for our little blue planet.


And here is Scout's fabulous treasury
she made in honor of one of
her favorite TV shows.
Fingers are crossed that
NBC announces the fall line up
with Chuck intact.
I have to live with the girl.

ox joon

To read more about Return to Me go HERE.
For the history of Earth Day go HERE.
To catch up on Chuck go HERE.


maryeb said...

Great treasuries, gals.

Thanks for the movie recommendation. I'm always looking for something good that I haven't seen yet.

Stacy's Designs 88 said...

OMG! Return to Me is one of my Fav movies. I've watched it so many times I can't count. This was such a funny, serendipitous, touching, romantic movie. Glad you 2 enjoyed it. Another Fav is "You've Got Mail" with Meg and Tom, "A Good Year" with Russell Crowe. I'm a big chick flick movie watcher.

Diane ~ said...

Joon, I have this film too! excellent movie...even the hubby liked it!!