Packaging Counts

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A combination of recycled and new working well together

Here's a recent order all ready to go. I found this THANK YOU stamp irresistible. Since I usually hand write and illustrate everything I had to find a way to incorporate that handmade element. The stitching and colored in hearts satisfy my sensibilities and
transform this into one of my bookmarks
all at the same time.

This card doubles as a securing device for
the magnets {seen below}. The handmade corner bookmark
is a combo of recycled papers & added touches.
It compliments the magnets.

I love quotes. Especially handwritten versions.

These magnets are attached
with a mere loop of scotch tape
so they are easily removed, no harm done.
Viola ~ another bookmark.

Another order all wrapped up & ready to go

I know I spend way too much time on my packages, but I seem unable to break this special treatment habit. I'd love to hear about & see your packaging style.
What is your signature wrap?

Until next time...
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Nonnie said...

This is a great post. So inspiring!

Chauncey said...

joonie, you never fail to amaze. Your packaging is part of the fun of receiving something from you.

Judy Nolan said...

So sweet! I especially like the Julia Child quote.

Tessa said...

PS OOPS! what I really typed in was: Fun post Joon. I love handwritten quotes.
Don't know how the cat videos snuck in instead except that I had copied and pasted them earlier in to an email.