Joon Appetit ~ Easy Coconut Custard Pie

Sometimes Running Out of Energy Comes in Handy.

When I read this recipe
I wondered if something
this simple could turn out

But you will not have
that doubt and neither
will I

I'm sure none of you have ever said
something like this before:
I've had this coconut in my freezer since last summer.

It just happens.
It's a mystery.

Fast forward to last week.
I made homemade crust early in the day.
By late afternoon I was not inclined
to stand over the stove making custard.

Then, this recipe on the coconut package caught my eye.
It was a sign.
I was hesitant, but tired
and, frankly, my dear,
determined to have pie for dessert.

It is delightful, rich, creamy
and unbelievably easy.

Be sure to let me know
how yours turns out.


Thanks again to Scout
for her photos of
our lovely pie.


jstinson said...

I love "easy" and I love coconut. I just wish someone else in my house did and I would bake one today! Maybe I will and eat the whole thing myself! Thanks for the temptation.

MagdaleneJewels said...

Will definitely be trying this receipe over the weekend. Love Coconut Custard pie (was my grandfather's absolute favorite also!). Guess I will have to read the poem with it while we are eating are warm pie. Delicious!!!!!

ZudaGay said...

What a lovely pie!! I don't care for coconut (although I love fresh right out of the shell) but Danny loves it. I may have to surprise him one day with your pie. :) Thank you for sharing, Joonie!!

Sixsisters said...

I will be trying this recipe Joonie. My mouth is watering already. Thanks. The pictures are great.