LoVe is what brings us ToGetHeR

Hello 2010. I'm a little late to the party and have some catching up to do. I have plenty of photos and will start with these. Our holidays were lovely. Hope yours were, too. I went on a magnet making spree and enjoyed myself tremendously. Here is one set I made for Jon Cody and Val ~ our family newlyweds. How adorable is this? I've been saving the image and accompanying text forever. They are from a very old Maurice Sendak illustrated children's book. I added the red accents and used a collage technique on both magnets.

I love the serendipity of this ... the photo background is our Christmas card from ... Val and Jon Cody! How perfect is it? It's a sign. I hope they will enjoy this teeny tiny gift with the great big heart for many years to come in good health and happiness.

I used my new iPhone ~ a.k.a pony ~ to shoot a fun photo of the ephemeral element of Christmas. I wish the tree could last all year long. I guess that's what makes it all the more special. I'll be back soon with more of my handmade Christmas magnets soon. Peace to you all in this new year. Full of promise and surprise. Here's to a delightful adventure into twenty ten.

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