9.19.11 ... a sweet cookbook bookmark and 200 sales celebration


i have had a good day filled with a number of small projects. i'll share this one and come on back for the others over the next few days. i had fun with this. it's been a while since i made one. if i had the chance, i would have no problem making these for a career. i love that they are simple, recycled and never the same thing twice. the possibilities are endless. we all need that.


my joonE etsy shop just reached 200 sales this past weekend. joonbeam is not far behind at 197. i hope to be placing that photo here soon. scout took this one for me:


i especially love that i have 222 items for sale here - scout was born at 2:22 and it is a special number to us. and that i am in 89 circles. 89 has been my favorite number since i was knee high to a number line. sweet dreams, everyone. 

thanks for stopping by. until tomorrow. happiness to you. from me. with heart. ox joon

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