9.8.11 ... beyond salvage reconstruction


if you visit my blog often you might have seen this project a few weeks ago. i had added a number of patches and repairs to this favorite pair of pants that are wearing thin in many places. it was all well and good until i went to wear them and discovered that my ingenius band o' love fix around the waist did not have enough give. bummer. but you know the happy accident syndrome? it came into play here. i stewed about my new problem for a while, mulling over my options.


i not only dislike seam ripping tasks immensely, i really, really like the sheet strip around the waist. eventually i fell upon a plan - to add a zipper. now i had another dilemma. i love the patch work fixes on both side seams and didn't want to interfere with them. so i decided why not add it in front, to one side? and i love the result. i had a terrible time working on this project. i had one frustration after another. i will spare you the horrid details. but i stuck to it and it is a perfect fix. (thank heavens.) in short, i cut a slice the length of the zipper, added two strips of fabric, right sides together, pressed them in half, folded in. added the zipper, topstitched so that the inside is neat and tidy, added the rectangle piece to cover the base just because this design element is a signature of my fabric work. they are in everything i do.

i love that i have and found that particular habitat tag.  i think it is so perfect for a salvaged article of clothing.  especially one taken to this extreme.


and there you have it. the pants, they are saved! i do hope they will last a long, long time. 

sweet dreams, everyone. thanks for stopping by. until tomorrow. happiness to you. from me. with heart. ox joon

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Sixsisters said...

Only you could find the perfect solution ! Love it. xx