12.1.12 ... disneyland ii

i know this is a month overdue.
              but here i am, as promised.
making the collages turned out to be 
bit of a challenge and life kept getting in the way.
better late than never.  
i do like them.  
hope you enjoy them, too.

evan had to have red velvet cake.
it was delicious.

i love the cleanliness and the
wonderfully designed and 
individualized trash and recycling bins.

disney california is just
another spoonful of genius.
love it there.
we feel fortunate that we happened
to visit just before the tim burton
frankenweenie display left.

as you might expect,
it is incredible.

yes we are disnerds. 
these photos are from our second visit.

we've since gone another five times.

can't wait to go back.

and i'll return at some
point with another plethora
of photographic memories.

and this is before my new iphone
arrives.  i'll be a mad woman with
tha camera once it is in my 
hot little disney lovin' hands.

sweet dreams, everyone.  
thanks for stopping by.   
until next time.  
happiness to you. 
from me. 
with heart.   

ox joon

1 comment:

robayre said...

I'm jealous that you got to go to the tim burton, frankenweenie display. That would be a big draw for me.