12.31.2012 ... calendar box

this is our version of
a 10 year calendar box.

ev made the box.
he also cut and 
date stamped every card.

scout decorated the month cards.

and special day cards.

i chose the month cards
from a vintage pack i found.

we decided to use 
a mixed color index card

this box we made
for jon cody, val & sammy baer
for Christmas.

today we are 
making our own.
ev is stamping dates as i type.

to use this memory box
you simply write the year 2013
on the first line each day.
next to it jot a phrase
about something that happened,
you created, you made for dinner,
you did for the first time...
{you get the idea}
on that day.

make it a habit.
it's easy.  really.

each year repeat this.
in 10 years you will
have a miniature
calendar journal
all in one small box.

so what are you waiting for?
you still have time to make yours.
if you need a box, you can
substitute a small fruit
box - like blueberries
and raspberries come in.

let me know 
how yours turns out.

thanks for stopping by.   
until next time. 
 happiness to you. 
from me. 
with heart.  

 ox joon


Michelle said...

how fun! what a great idea, I love how artistically fun your family is! :) Michelle W

hollyzhobby said...

So bright,colourful and creative.
Luv it!♥!