And so it goes...

I am learning every day. It's a slow process. At least, I would like it to be easier and much less time consuming. I have changed the look of my blog. It is a work in progress. But I do see some. That helps! How do you like the new look? We (Dust & I) cannot solve the mystery: How do you add an image to your profile? That will make me a happy blogger. I have completed my fourth etsy treasury, uploaded my first photos to flickr, and have continued creating and listing. Not as efficiently as I'd like! Evan's heart cutting boards are so gorgeous. I am very excited about them. Talk about accomplishment! I am loving that Tess! Oh! I almost forgot. I went through some old files and found some of my favorite quotes, family photos and early drawings that Scout did etc. I made a file so I will have them to scan and add here from time to time. In reading this entry I see I have accomplished much more than I feel I had. Writing is good for the soul. ciao! ox joon

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Jean Levert Hood said...

joon - the learning curve on all of this stuff is steep, but after you have it down, it will be a piece of cake!
The heart cutting boards are beautiful!