etsy love

I have been busy organizing my crafting room and learning how to use adobe illustrator for my word buttons & magnets. Here is my first word button. It is not listed yet. We just got this far - ONE. :) I got the idea from all of us etsians being so in love with etsy and the significant others and family members that might need some reinforcement on where they stand. Yesterday I also listed new buttons - a Peanuts Gang set, and Scout's first original art ACEO. She's very excited. Hope you'll take a look in my etsy shop if this sounds like something(s) you'd like to see. Spurred on by the sale of his heart treasure box on etsy, Evan has started making his gorgeous heart cutting boards. Two sizes. Larger are tiger maple and smaller are cherry wood. He just finished up the first few. Photos and listing tomorrow!

Oh! I almost forgot. I snagged my third in a row treasury this afternoon. It's called
WWJDB? To see what that stands for and beautiful etsy offerings please rush right on over! ciao for now. ox joon


Sixsisters said...

Joon your blog is so you !! And the button idea is a go. wouldn't be surprised if etsy picked it to put on the front page. Joan

Jean Levert Hood said...

Joon - what a great start for your new blog!!! Give us more!

Lucky Girl said...

That button is adorable! I love it like ... Etsy!