Bear's Visit

If you ever wondered what the most delicious cheesecake on earth LOOKS like, here it is! I wish you could taste it. We wish we could sell these. We've been asked many times. But, it is difficult because of the perishable ingredients and refrigeration requirements. Well, our eldest, Kristoffer, has a brief business trip here in Boston so we got to see him and spend the evening with all four of our children in our home at once! I love that. It is almost Bear's birthday so I surprised him with one of Evan's famous cheesecakes (seen above) that I made. It has been a long time since I did the baking for this one. As you can see, it turned out lovely and, rumor has it, tastes divine! We played scrabble and let him win ~ in honor of his birthday and all, you know. Scout played her Chopin piece for us all ~ Opus 10, #3 Piano version. She taught herself this! It is also known as Wakare No Kyoku which means Song of Parting in Japanese. She first heard it on an anime show called Fullmetal Alchemist.

This morning Bear called to say Dallas has snow. ??? His conference there was canceled and he has to stay another night. YiPPee!!! More good food, silly times, scrabble ~ and I think there is a quarter of this cheesecake left. Happy Friday, friends. Bon Appetite to you all, as well.


Sixsisters said...

I hope you had some. sounds like you didn't ! I couldn't resist. You are a great MOm and I am sure he appreciated it. Nice you get to see him again too.

joonbeam said...

Yes, I did have some! I loved it, but I was trying to sound impartial. ha ha I cannot resist our cheesecake!

ZudaGay said...

How lovely to have your chicks all together if only for a bit!!! Yummy....I love cheesecake!!! You do all this talking about this cheesecake and then you don't share the recipe!!! hehe.. Happy birthday to Bear!!!