2008 in a word: Inspiration

one of many pending 2008 new project starts

I tend to feel that I don't accomplish enough. OK, I'll be truly honest and admit that I most often feel that I am not accomplishing anything. I have been preparing a blog post that would be a retrospective for days now. And why? Well, it turns out that I have accomplished so much that I became overwhelmed with my notes. My blog post would be pages long and all my readers would be cross eyed. I'd be typing for hours. Then I thought maybe I'd break it down into smaller posts. Well, you know where that led me? Straight here to January the 6th. Yes, that 01.01.09 post is a fading memory. My reflection led me to a new thought ~ just write anything. A quote. A fact. A one line silly. A fragment, God forbid. Or how about one photo? Add a caption?

And so the year has begun much like many others with my head spinning. Filled with so many ideas and dreams and goals and the inevitable sinking feeling that not a one of them will ever take form. But, that is just not so. Maybe a miniscule percent of the million new (and pending) projects will flower, but when I look back this time next year, I am willing to bet ~ and you all know how thrifty I am~ that I'll be pleasantly surprised at what I accomplished.

My word of the day is inspiration. It is the word of my year. On January 01.2008 I stopped by the BBEST Thread for the first time. I applied the next morning. I also joined a small group called Create-a-Day. I made new friends and each one inspired me on a daily basis and I tried more new ventures than I could ever have imagined. Entire new worlds opened up to me.

More on those firsts another day. But for now...this morning I found this article in the Times and I hope you will read it and find it as inspiring as I do. These people are going forth, against all odds and at considerable personal expense for something they believe in. And they are not alone. The next time I speak up for something I believe in ~ which I do often ~ I will do it with a little more strength because I'll remember that I am not alone. Environment is everything.

Here's to hope, peace and inspiration for the bright new year ahead.


makeyourpresentsfelt said...

What a wonderful example of the glass being half-full Joonie!

Beth said...

Loved this feature Joon, Love the way you look at life.

ZudaGay said...

Wonderful post, Joon!! Thank you for sharing the article about the vigil keepers. There are several beautiful Catholic church that have been closed in Quincy...so sad, especially for the older generation. My word for the year is HOPE.

Jean Levert Hood said...

The best to you and yours for 2009!!

Rose said...

Inspiration, a great word for the new year.. thanks for sharing the article and your ever present zest for life! Love love love

The Filigree Garden said...

I hope you have many moments of inspiration this year.