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I wonder if door~to~door soliciting is a cultural phenomenon. We are loving our new town, but the already too-many-to-count knocks on the door and fliers showing up on our doorstep, doorknob and even on my outgoing mail clip on my mailbox {I thought that was illegal?} are something I have not experienced in any of my 31 addresses in 8 previous states.

We'd been talking about a sign for weeks. I have to say I resent the need for one. I consider my home to be my respite from the world, a place where I can work, play, write, create, enjoy my family and pets & relax in peace. Apparently, many people feel their life calling is to interrupt & interfere with their neighbor's privacy. This past Monday, the moment of defeat presented itself in the form of one clipboard laden man who, despite Evan's window presence and eye contact not 6 feet from the door, determined to knock in 3 spurts before leaving. I cannot ~ and thankfully so ~ comprehend his decision making process.

As you can see, we welcome friends and family. I'm not unsociable. I just know where to find any product and person I need or want. Don't we all?

After much thought, I created my compromise ~ this little sign. I have no idea whether it will make a difference because courtesy does not appear to be foremost in solicitors' minds. As always, I shall hope that common sense will all.

But wouldn't it be nice if this small act of kindness could go without saying?

Also found on our porch... A little bit of happy help for our wonderful mail carrier. He is a bright spot in our day and a treasure. I haven't been blessed with one like him since 1987.

Dear Mail Carrier,
Please do not retire.
signed: your newest fans

I'd love to hear your solicitor and mail carrier experiences. What's happening in your little corner of the world?
ox joon


Myfanwy said...

I'm sure there are others that feel the same as you. Maybe you will have a market for your lovely sign.

~*~Pearl~*~ said...

OMG I love your door!!
door~to~door soliciting drives me out of my mind! I do not answer my front door most times! I have been known to walk up look out to see them standing their make eye contact role my eyes flip my hair and close the curtain! guess that might be rude but dang i don't go to there house! If you no me you come to the back door!!!

maryeb said...

Oh, I don't like solicitors either.
I think your sign is perfect.
I hope it helps. Keep us posted.

ZudaGay said...

We rarely have solicitors. Umm, census takers and an occasional boy selling books in the summer. The blessings of small town life. :) I hope your sign works!!! We get our mail at the post office as we don't have door to door mail service. But we like our little mail clerk...she is a doll and she always tries her best.

Sixsisters said...

I have been lucky and have always had pleasant mail
carriers .
I love your blogs joonie always so refreshing!
Thanks for commenting on mine about Modigliani.
Maybe because they were always so poor and unnoticed they decided to bury their troubles in
a debauched life. LOL

Beth said...

Love this, I'm another one that doesn't answer the door until I look out the window, if its someone I don't know, I don't answer it. Today everyone calls me to tell me they are coming over anyways.....I love what you've done and you've done it with class.

joonbeam said...

I'm enjoying everyone's comments. Thanks so much! Pearl, I love my door, too. I wish it didn't need the sign, but I did what I could to keep it sweet.

Zuda, I agree. We're used to living WAY out in the country - no knocks and post offices, even though we did have mail boxes, but our drives were so long the carriers were out of sight. Those small town post office clerks are darlings.

We'd stop - on trips to Boston - at different village post offices along the way just to experience the friendly, helpful clerks. We were never disappointed. EVER.

Rose said...

Oh Joon I so don't like answering the door when it is soliciting! Fortunately we are out in the boonies so we don't get many.

Stacy's Designs 88 said...

knock on wood...or "not my door please"...we have been left alone. well, if the solicitors keep on knocking, then perhaps you can create a "cute" one that says "No Solicitors Please" or maybe "My Pitbull LoVes Solicitors"...just joking. Good Luck. Love the Charlie Brown sign...so creative!

Lima Bean said...

I hate when people knock on my door. In fact, I often just want to pretend that I'm not home. Luckily, it doesn't happen all that often, so I totally respect your sign and your desire for solitude.

robayre said...

I haven't noticed any soliciters, but I can imagine with times as they are, people are a bit more desperate to pay their bills.
Anyway, it reminded me how yesterday at the grocery store I saw my best friends car. Before leaving I stuck a note under her windshield. When I saw her later that night I asked if she saw my note and she said did you leave this? and held up an advertising flyer that was under her windshield. They had covered up my real note with their ad :(

joonbeam said...

Robayre, what a bummer!

Thanks for all the wonderful comments.

I never answer my door to a stranger and I hope none of my friends will. You do not owe anyone anything and you and your family's safety are at risk. There is absolutely no reason to answer your door. NONE. And every reason NOT to.

Also, my goal is to avoid a 'No Solictors' sign. I don't want to return to my own home & be greeted with something so negative. I also don't want my household harmony (ie. waking a sleeping beagle) disrupted by a knock. So this is my compromise. Oh, have I written on the subject of me and compromise yet? Not a match made in heaven.


I'll let you all know how it works out.

Chauncey said...

Most of the soliciters that come to my door are very well dressed Jehovah Witness'ers that want to save me. Ack!

I love my mail carrier, Cheryl. In the summer we have been known to enjoy a cold beer together. (after her appointed rounds, of course, hehe)

joonbeam said...

Nonnie's comment:

What a great blog. Hopefully your sign will make someone think. I love reading your blog. When will I be able to read your novel???


Dena said...

Loved your post as always Joon! Fortunately for us, we live way out in the country and seldom get any solicitors. Our mail carrier is the sweetest gal. Hope to keep her forever!! When I receive a pkg too large for my mailbox, she drives up our long drive and brings it right to my door. Another carrier used to sit at the bottom of the hill and toot their horn for me to walk down and get it. (sometimes in pouring rain or snow).

Kitty said...

I love your signs and hope they help! Living on the second floor, we are spared the knocks and visits and solicitations... our landlords buffer us and take the hit :) I don't think all that many people stop by, though. Perhaps that's one benefit for living right outside a somewhat shady area! Good luck, and yay awesome mailmen! They are SO important!

Diane ~ said...

OMgosh I used to have that very Door Knocker!!! Got it eons ago via mail order, was it from Abbey Press?? we don't have too many solicitors, usually just those 2 religious groups; & it depends upon my mood whether i answer the door or not. :)

FrumsGlass said...

I like your door and sign. I can relate. I seem to get caught by solicitors while I'm outside gardening. If I were inside I could avoid answering the door or shorten our conversation due to barking dogs. I remember that door knocker from Abbey Press.