Hey Donkey. Say Hello To Your Mother For Me.

This has been a busy week.
Today we went to a garden shop with donkeys.
St. Francesca's donkey charm magic worked.

Scout with her new friend.
So sweet.

Earlier in the week,
I tried this no knead bread recipe from the
Dallas Junior League Cookbook.
I found the cookbook at recycled reads.
It was just $2.
It's lovely.

And so is this bread.
We were thrilled with the results.
Don't you love it when you find something new
and it lends a satisfying end?

We made B.L.T.s for dinner and
froze the second loaf.
Now we have that to look forward to
one night this coming week.
I also tried an amazing pasta sauce
made with fresh basil, parsley
and blue cheese, cream cheese, butter
and olive oil.
It was a hit.

Have you tried anything new lately?

ox joon


Chauncey said...

Bread looks extra yummy and yes, its fun when something new works out so well.

cute donkey. (I so rarely get a chance to say that)

On a Whimsey said...

The bread looks amazing.... are you posting the recipe on the board?? And the pasta sauce, sounds to die for!!!

Sixsisters said...

Sweet donkey.
Yes, I have been making this Irish soda bread.
It is sooo yummy.
Wish I could eat all of that cheese but it doesn't like

Dena said...

I would love a slice of that bread Joonie. Looks delicious!!! That donkey is so cute!