Fine Art for Pennies Conquers Modern Technology ~ A Dilemma Solved Tutorial

I found this wonderful Charles Prendergast quality print poster for $1 and have been transporting it and beautifying our prospective temporary homes for quite a few years. It's been through the packing and unpacking process and gained a bit of character but I saw some
Joseph's Little Overcoat of life still in it
when I was faced with this decorating challenge...


This fuse box adorns a wall in our bedroom.
That's a new one on me. And, as most of you know,
I've lived in 30something+ residences now.
Try as we might, we just couldn't seem to match up
a proper artful disguise for this eyesore.


One day, I pulled out the poster.
It was exactly the proper height,
but since the fuse box did not offer a flat wall surface
we needed to add cardboard and a hanging device.
We did that, but it just wasn't sturdy enough
to maintain a steadfast cover.
Thinking cap once again...

The tools of the trade.

Then I had my AHA! moment.
And this is what happened next...

New Improved Idea

I turned my cardboard backed, beautiful poster scene into a triptyche.
And I solved the sturdy hanging challenge
with one of my favorite recycle friendly inventions ~
the ever simple and always perfect velcro dot.

Have I mentioned I am mad for velcro?

First, I attached the velcro squares, both halves of each,
to the fuse box corners.

Next, I peeled away the protective pieces
and centered the art work over the fuse box,
pressed and viola!

I am a Happy Woman

I now have two perfectly sized scenes to interchange at will
and one smaller one for another use.
Evan has had the unfortunate need to access the fuse box
one morning at 4 AM.
The lone cheery aspect of which, he reported at coffee time,
was his joy at how perfectly easy it was to remove and reattach
my ingenius box cover.
So there you have it.
$1 has never been better spent ~ even for me!

I hope this idea has helped you with one of your decor dilemmas.
Please comment, if so.
Leave me a link.
I'd love to see what you've done.

ox joon

ps. I've provided a link to a Charles Prendergast biography entry
for those of you who might like to read more about him.
He seems to need a WIKI entry.

His more renowned brother, Maurice, has one.
What's up with that?


On a Whimsey said...

Art definer/collector/problem solver extraordinaire!!!

Well done and it looks neat too! Maybe patent it, then the pennies would really roll in. LOL

ZudaGay said...

There you go! Well done, Joonie! Judy would be proud of your creative problem solving. :)

Sixsisters said...

Joonie you are an amazing woman !
What a wonderful way to solve a problem.
Enjoyed looking at the posters too. Worth the $1
for sure :)

Stacy's Designs 88 said...

What a terrific re-do. You always come up with such creative solutions. Thanks for sharing! :)

Judy Nolan said...

Good idea, Joon! We have something similar to that in our basement office, except it's a cutout in the wall that allows you to get to some pipes. It's really ugly...I really need to put something over it! Apparently the people before us had a plumbing problem, and simply cut out part of the wall. Yuck.

Chauncey said...

joonie, you little creative genius, you! Very cool!