Hearts and Souls

It's getting ridiculous how far behind
I am on posting my creations. I have
many lately, but when I think about
blogging, I get overwhelmed. So I am
going to post short & sweet art bites.

Here's the 1st one.
I made this for Jon Cody & Val.
I had a lot of fun designing it.
And a lot of fun creating it.
Naturally, it is totally recycled art.
I love homemade cards, don't you?

Until next time...which will be very soon...
It's a great day for America, everybody.



Stacy's Designs 88 said...

Joon, i've missed you! welcome back. I've been a bit behind in blogging also. i've been bz this summer. Love the handmade card! :)

Sixsisters said...

The card is great Joonie.