10.16.11 ... memory art


i continued my sorting this afternoon and came upon these get well wishes and bill clinton. i know. these things really go together, right? plus, there are bon bons and ghosts involved. so pay attention and give yourself a chance to smile. i taught second grade many moons ago. for just four short years. during my second year, i was engaged to evan and this was a topic of great interest to the class. in the spring, i was ill and missed school for a stretch of time and the substitute was kind enough to allow the children a few minutes of time to compose a get well book. but first, you should know that i referred to an alternate universe quite often. as in: if you all knew everything already there'd be no need for me. i'd be sittin' on the beach eatin' bon bons and watching soap operas. now what kind of life is that? hence, the bon bon art above. and now for a page from the well wishes book...


yes, there i am in bed miserable as all get out while evan waits on me hand and foot. i am sure at some point he might have indeed uttered: hurry up and get rid of that cold. I am tired of taking care of you and i want to get wed! (that was in 1993 and i still marvel that he went ahead with the wedding after that unfortunate period of time in our history.) at any rate, this is the first time i have looked through these and i did not recall the ghosts or bon bons but this page came back to me like a flash. i loved it then and i love it now. and i realize that bill clinton has nothing to do with the get well book. yes, this is random, but scout got such a kick out of the fact that a second grader was drawing bill clinton that i had to include it.


who knows what i will come across tomorrow. sending you all wishes for a beautiful monday and a heavenly week ahead. i love fall.

sweet dreams, everyone. thanks for stopping by. until tomorrow. happiness to you. from me. with heart. ox joon

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