10.28.11 ... muffins and hearts


hello darlings. how was your friday? mine was pretty damn good. this morning i made a batch of my bran muffins but decided to try something different. added a chopped pecan/brown sugar/cinnamon topping from my applesauce bread recipe. oh my gravy. genius idea.


we all loved them.


shortly before dinner fixin' time, we took a stroll. we take mr. chippy with us around one or two blocks and then drop him off (he is 11 and 3 legged). then we go a little farther. and look what i spied. this heart shaped new cactus growth. how fabby is that? scout used her new (thanks, dusty) iphone which is dustin's old iphone but newer than her original iphone. what i am getting to is that the camera in this one is quite lovely. great photos, eh?


and, lastly, i have been working on my newest button haul. sorting, cleaning, organizing for storage. i was messing around and thought it would be fun to arrange the buttons into a mosaic before putting them away. so, as i clipped off staples or threads, i placed the readied buttons side by side. i had just gotten started when scout dropped by and said 'oh i love your heart .' i was surprised to look down and see this heart shape. i didn't even notice i had done that. it's a sign.


by the way, isn't that little floral locket or pendant adorable?

sweet dreams, everyone. thanks for stopping by. until tomorrow. happiness to you. from me. with heart. ox joon

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