10.30.11 ... sugar tale


our recent brown sugar purchase was quite unusual. i took photos before i threw it away so i could write to domino. i did that on their website, expecting to be able to attach these images - or at least one. other company websites have that option. lacking my photo accompaniment, i was left with the description that this was the strangest thing (brown sugar wise) i have seen. i ended with the true statement 'love your products'. other sugar is not as good. end of story. i am not about to jump the sugar ship. these things happen. today i received a response that left me feeling miffed. in short, it referred to the refined process of many, many years that results in uniformly excellent products. that was followed by two paragraphs on proper storage of sugar. in the last line i was told that as a token of appreciation for my patronage they are sending me coupons for my next purchase. to which i responded with a letter that included the topics of both my advanced age and consumer history and knowledge of proper sugar storage. and these photos.


i received another response that agreed with my strangest thing descriptor. now i feel better. i have dealt with grocery stores and written to companies a number of times when we've been unfortunate enough to start preparing a meal only to find an ingredient is not fit for consumption. and it is always interesting to observe the various responses. some could take lessons from others. i always wonder how many other people experience these oddities. because my list is growing. and i have some funny (in retrospect) tales to go along with the reimbursement process. i might write a book. 

sweet dreams, everyone. thanks for stopping by. until tomorrow. happiness to you. from me. with heart. ox joon

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