10.10.12 ... icy hot bags


a few months ago i designed and stitched up some handmade hot or cold bags. ev and scout surprised me with this pretty fabric well over a year ago and i finally got around to using it. doesn't it make beautiful covers?


the bags themselves are made out of muslin and filled with rice. we stick them in the freezer in summer and over the hot spot on the stove in winter. they are nice and small. we haven't had a microwave for a few years now so i chose to make them smaller than my original bags.  i lived with those things during those freezing new england winters.


we won't have that problem here. 
it just gets a bit chilly.


they'll come in handy. 
i like them because i made them with fabric from my housemates. :)

thanks for stopping by. until next time. happiness to you. from me. with heart. 

ox joon

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Michelle said...

This material is amazing and would make me forget anything that I would need those little pouchies for :)Michelle W