10.27.12 ... best week update


after 326 days in california we finally fulfilled our dream of 
bringing scout to disneyland.


here she is with her first visit pin and her sparkling new annual passport.


it's beautiful and the weather was perfect, too.



and we were ready to roll!


ev had never been to disneyland either. 
and he'd only been to disneyworld once. 
he was pretty excited.


after walking down main street u. s. a. and enjoying the sights there 
we headed right to adventure land and ...


...the tiki bird pavilion.


it was such fun seeing this attraction again after so many years. i first visited disneyworld during its premiere year and the last time i was there was spring 1983. my one and only single day disneyland visit was in spring 1985. seeing the tiki birds through ev and scout's eyes was precious. a great start.


we had a superb day.
here's scout loving her second run on autopia - a definite favorite for her.


disneyland deserves its reputation as the happiest place one earth.
i can't believe we are a mere 40 minutes away. 
the next 12 months are going to be one of our happiest years on earth!
tomorrow i will share a little bit of our second visit. 

so stay tuned. 
and i'd love to hear your disneyland or world memories. 

hope you'll leave a comment.

thanks for stopping by. until next time. happiness to you. from me. with heart. 

ox joon

ps: thanks to scout who took all but two of these photos.  

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