10.7.12 ... reel inn


i was having fun with the camera while waiting for our delicious dinner. 
the reel inn is one of our favorite finds. 
it has a history with us.


we chanced upon it last year when we came on our scope-out-california trip. it was a beacon of light - seriously - the first night we arrived and drove up the coast from the long beach airport, hungry, tired and charting new destinies. and hungry. very hungry. we were surprised that we were driving along the ocean road and seeing pitch black. i said 'what is wrong with the world? where are the fish shacks?' and at that very second the reel inn sign flashed before us. it was a sign. literally. as we walked toward the door, i greeted an elderly couple who were leaving. they commented that they come here once a week. sometimes we do follow our fate rather well. now that we live here that memory holds an extra special place in our hearts.


wish it was closer to our house but then it might not be as novel so that's ok. and a 40 minute drive is sometimes welcome. 

where is your favorite out-of-the-way restaurant?

thanks for stopping by. until next time. happiness to you. from me. with heart. 

ox joon

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