Mixed~Up ART

Scout had her first sale
just a few hours after listing her 4th shop item!
Look at the incredible illustration she drew
on the back of the envelope.
I'm betting on one happy buyer walking back
from the post office.

These are two ACEOs Scout made
for her friends back in Arlington.
We laminated them and love the effect.

I wanted to edit the original recipe for our Thai soup.
{Photo in a previous post.}
I love the result.
I took the magazine page with their photo,
trimmed and folded it in thirds,
hand printed my version,
added simple illustrations,
attached it to the reverse,
laminated it
and viola! a recipe bookmark.
Evan wants me to do this will all my clipped recipes now.

Scout's busy working on a large art piece as I type.
You can visit her shop: EsperEzekiel and find it there in a day or so.

This has been another episode of
Mixed~Up ART.
Until next time.
ox joon


ZudaGay said...

Beautiful envelope!!! I imagine that was a thrilled customer!!! MadiJoon, you never fail to astound me with your creativity and attention to detail!!!

Chauncey said...

That buyer is going to be thrilled! Nice work Scoutie!

And the soup looks yummy!

thewildhare said...

Congratulations to Scout on her sale - and I LOVE the envelope - like getting a present!

And what fun with the receipe, Joon! It looks yummy - and fun! I agree with Evan!