Springing Forward in Many Ways

I am participating in my Etsy BBEST Team ACEO challenge.
The theme is SpRiNg.
I LOVE lilacs and I was going to paint a small watercolor of them on my tiny canvas.
Then I remembered this knitting sample I'd made when I was practicing stitches and gauge. Every time I looked at this over the years, through so many moves, I'd think I must be nuts to think it was worth saving and keeping safe, yet, accessibly stored. And every once in a while, I did get an idea. But it was always just not right.
Until now.

I thought I could stitch it onto the paper with my sewing machine set on basting stitch.
But I was dreaming.
I hand sewed the knitted sweetie onto the ACEO paper. Then I started the button search.
I intended to use some creamy off white or perhaps florals or clear. Sparkly? Hmmmm....
Nothing was looking like what I envisioned. I thought perhaps my button idea was too grand and I should consider french knots out of thick embroidery floss. Well, I wasn't even going to try the purples. I mean they'd never show up. All of a sudden, I found these buttons with the cloth bits and I think they represent little lilac buds perfectly. I am so happy. Especially because in all my collection, buttons that haven't been cleaned up of threads or scraps are rare. I can't believe my luck. I hope my friend loves it as much as I loved creating and making it.
For more photos, including the groovy batik back, visit my flickr stream.

We did SpRiNg forward and it has not been delightful. But our new recipes of the week certainly were. Above is our Thai Soup from mid-week and below, our Italian Clam and Bean from tonight. We made fennel bread to go with it. Now, that's delightful.

Last weekend, we watched the film Bottle Shock, recommended by a dear friend. Loved it and now Evan wants to try affordable California wines. My trusty scissor/saving habits came through once more. I found my top wines list from an old Gourmet or ??? magazine. We managed to find two of the wines by going to different shops. It was a fun hunt and this first wine is wonderful indeed.

Until next time, friends.
Bon Appetite.
ox joon


~*~Pearl~*~ said...

awesome as always!!!!!

Chauncey said...

Joonie, very sweet and springy. I know your swap partner will be very happy.

jstinson said...

I love your ACEO and it sounds like you had oodles of fun making it. Those stashes come in handy. Those soups look wonderful! Yum Yum!

Jackie at FabTWD said...

The lilac/lavendar color sure makes me think spring! Looks like you are having a great time cooking as well.

Anonymous said...

Wow that Thai soup looks amazing. Now I'm hungry, darnit! You'll have to send me the recipe. And I love that ACEO - what a clever use of something that was just hanging around.

thewildhare said...

LOVE the aceo, and can't wait for those soup recipes, they look AMAZING. And very springy! :):)

Mary Zoom said...

The ACEO is fabulous - I love the texture, I love the colors and I LOVE the buttons!

Dena said...

What a pretty springy ACEO Joonie. LOVE it. Those soups look soooo good too. YUMMMMMMM.