Upcycled PlaceMats ~ Personal History Theme

Jon Cody's Placemat ~ Close Up Views

I recently created these two placemats for the newlyweds. I based the design on some vintage
placemats we own and love. Everything about these has a memory connection including the fact that Jon Cody & Val have dined on ours many times and now that we live so far apart I wanted them to have a copycat version. I hope they'll enjoy thousands of happy meals with them and remember the good times and meals we shared together.

Val's Placemat ~ Close Up View

States Where They Have Lived
Are The Center Double Square
Jon Cody {above}
Colorado.Virginia.Oregon. New Hampshire.

Val grew up in New Hampshire
in the Upper Valley Area
which encompasses a section of Vermont,
which is, fortuitously, on this piece.
She & Jon Cody met there
in 10th grade. They've
been together ever since
and their current home, Massachusetts,
joins Vermont on Val's mat.

All of the squares were chosen for a reason, too. For example, the kitty pieces are scraps from the handmade mitts I made for them last year. They had just gotten their first kitty, Mr. Boo Radley. Notice that Jon Cody's kitty is manly. Val's has hearts. :) The pale aqua neon lizard squares were incorporated because they were once part of Jon Cody's favorite shorts when he was a wee spud.

All of the fabrics are leftover
from other projects and are 100% cotton.
I had a lot of fun making these prototypes.
I am going to make some extras for us next.

Hope you enjoyed the post.
Thanks for stopping by.
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sweetb said...

great idea. I love it.

Stacy's Designs 88 said...

OMG, they are going to just LOVE that! How thoughtful and definitely made with LoVe. :)

Judy Nolan said...

I'm sure these place mats will hold special memories for the newlyweds. They really turned out well!

Rose said...

Love the mats and all the meaning in them. That's the best kind of gift .

Sixsisters said...

Love your gift to the newlyweds Joonie. It is perfect.
They will treasure them .

VISART - DaLi Designs said...

Awesome idea, vry cool!