Joon Appetit ~ Red Pepper Jam Tutorial

Lovely Red Pepper Jam ~ a True Treat

It's That Time of Year for Beautiful Red Peppers

Red Pepper Jam is so easy and rewarding.
Here we go...
Chop: 4-6 red peppers.
We used 4 here because ours were quite large.
Scout, who I would like to credit with and thank for all of the photography for this post, hand chopped these peppers. You can use your food processor or mini chopper, of course. We just don't have either at this time.

Sprinkle on & stir in 1 TBSP. salt
Let sit at least 3 hours.
More is fine, too.

Drain well.
We line our strainer with a piece of cheesecloth.
It is not necessary if your strainer has finer holes.

You can see the value of this step.

In a heavy, medium saucepan PLACE:
3/4 cup cider vinegar
1 1/2 cups sugar

ADD & STIR IN: your chopped, drained peppers

Heat to boiling.
Reduce heat.
Simmer on a low simmer, uncovered, for about one hour.

{Scout just wanted to include this photo.
She likes it. She thinks it's fun.
That covered pan in this shot is another pan.}

Ladle your jam into recycled jelly jars if you like.

{The kind that make you smile.}
You can store it in any refrigerator container.
It lasts for a LONG time.
I have no idea how long.
Ours is always gone in days.

Isn't it pretty?

This Jam makes a fabulous gift.
We always include a package of
Kraft Cream Cheese & a roll of Ritz Crackers.

Pure Heaven on a plate.

Please come back and let me know how your jam
brightened your day.

Until next time...


And Thanks Again to Scout for her photography and help.


Judy Nolan said...

I have never heard of this...making jam from peppers. How unique! What am I wondering is this: Does the jam taste sweet? Spicy? A little of both?

joon said...

Judy, good question. I asked Scout, who said: 'Savory & sweet.' You can taste that hint of the sour vinegar, which is a nice balance.

It's really unique and addicting. I can tell you that. It is also recommended as an accompaniment to meat. I have not done that except I have added it to a fresh chicken breast sandwich and it is divine.

I also wanted to say if you love English muffins, the cream cheese/jam on a toasted one is a special treat, too.

Thanks for asking, Judy.

Anonymous said...

Oh man that looks so GOOD!