3.21.11 ... a bicycle built for two and kitchen towel loops


i made this card for a vintage pin that is going to someone's friend. i hope they'll both enjoy it. i had fun with it. i used a discarded children's book, a scrap of tissue paper that i've been laughing at myself over having saved for so long - and now i am justified - and my favorite discount find mint card stock.


a bicycle built for two --- taking a ride down a make believe lane.


those of you who have been following my 2011 art every day journey have seen my towel loops before. this towel is a recent thrift find. i love it. it's extra large so i put loops on two corners so it won't hang down near mr chippy whose bowl is close to the fridge hook. i decided to cover the loops this time so i rummaged through my clothes tags box and spied, instead, these old mending squares i saved after they'd already saved something else for a while - until that item finally became unrepairable. i save everything. and here's the proof. anyway, i like this look. now i want to add squares to all the previous loops. 

how is your spring shaping up? grand, i do hope.

sweet dreams, everyone. thanks for stopping by. until tomorrow. happiness to you. from me. with heart. ox joon

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