3.16.11 ... the spring fair day


we had a nice time. it was peaceful and quiet and we met some wonderful people and i had a surprise visit from a friend. i mean it was a surprise to both of us. how whimsical is that? i should clarify that i would be hard pressed to think of 20 people i know here. and it was right at the start of the day. a good omen. i only sold a few things but i did not expect to sell a thing. it isn't the reason i went. one of the best parts of the day was ...


... when scout had a young gentleman go crazy when he saw these three pokemon drawings she'd made last night for the heck of it. and he decided he wanted to spend his birthday money on them and both she and he were so happy. i wish you all could have witnessed the exchange. i think she is inspired now to make some for her etsy shop which has been languishing for a while. it is always encouraging when you connect with someone who appreciates and loves your art.

i am so glad we went. oh --- i did not get a chance to photograph my display. it was very dark in there. and i spent a large portion of the day cleaning up photos for my etsy shops. the photo above is one i chanced upon. it's a little slice of my art table life. from whence all the creations i made both today and everyday come. so i thought that was a fitting introduction for today's entry.

ps. the leftover apple pie is so delicious. what a treat.

sweet dreams, everyone. thanks for stopping by. until tomorrow. happiness to you. from me. with heart. ox joon

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