3.4.11 ... tuna salads and recycled book cover envelope


today's creations ... a homemade envelope with pizzazz. this book cover is too pretty to discard. the book is also pretty. i've been using the salvaged pieces in many projects but this is the first time i've had just the right type and size package to fashion the cover, which i have saved for an embarrassingly long time now, into an envelope.


listen to this: i had two etsy sales yesterday, which is lovely but unusual. today when i packaged them up i thought i was seeing things. one street address was 2838 and the other was 4828. seriously. how bizarre is this? i can't imagine what the odds are on those numbers turning up in my inbox on the same day.


i love the coated paper. it makes a sturdy envelope. and saves the earth a little. every little bit helps. this envelope can even be reused.


and i hope it will be.


this is my lunch plate. i made tuna salads and ev and scout went kind of crazy over them so i snapped a few photos in case this was all i got around to making today. the envelope came later so i am ok. this creating every day is not as easy as it sounds. and it doesn't sound all that easy either.


it was a delicious lunch i must say. at the moment we just finished watching footloose. i have never seen it. very interesting. seemed interminably long. it was kind of like glee on valium. ev is making some chocolate drop cookies. warm cookies at almost 11 pm. we're living crazy here tonight, folks.
sweet dreams, everyone. thanks for stopping by. until tomorrow. happiness to you. from me. with heart. ox joon

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