3.10.11 ... recycled discarded vintage book cover box


today we went to a pta book sale and found some wonderful old books. this one i almost passed up because even though it is a very early de paola and i love finding books illustrated by famous artists before they were famous, the subject matter is rather uninteresting and i wasn't sure i could do anything with it.


but scout insisted and, lo and behold, what is the very first inspiration i found this afternoon but this book. i haven't made little boxes in quite a while. i love making them. ok, i love designing them. i am not so adept at actually making them because i have no eye for straight lines, no less squaring corners.


but since i like them imperfect and since evan helped me a bit, it's all good. and now i find i may face a new challenge...


letting it go!


i can't believe i almost passed by this book. how adorable is this?


i added the checkered effect with my colored pencils and placed a page illustration inside. the base is a plain piece of pink card stock because i want to save the back of the book for a second box.
i am surprised that i've never seen this book before. if i had a nickel for every used book section or sale book i've ever seen i'd be sitting as pretty as this little dude. thanks, scout.

sweet dreams, everyone. thanks for stopping by. until tomorrow. happiness to you. from me. with heart. ox joon

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