5.17.11 ... projects in progress and a serendipity story


this is a photo of a few project ideas that i imagined this afternoon. they are projects in the making and all need multiple steps, some of which i began today. stay tuned ...


here is a story: we were at the blue bin thrift center the other day and two older gentlemen were rummaging through a sweet vintage plastic sewing case. i always look for anything sewing related. those sights are rare and this was the first i was seeing that day - and we'd been there quite a while and were wearing down. and scout was hungry. as hard as it is to see something slip out of my grasp, i will not interfere with someone who has found something first. so i waited for what seemed like an eternity while they rifled through the box, dumped out the contents and rifled through those. i am still curious about what they could be looking for, but i am sure i'll never know. when they had dumped out the last few things and set aside the box on the other side of themselves, i asked if they wanted it and they happily passed it over to me. 

scout and i started looking through the chaos and finding small oddments of interest. one was this fantastically groovy miniature sewing machine screwdriver - my favorite find of that search - and one was a tiny silver thimble. one of the men must have noticed that we picked it up and he held out this red one to me. i thanked him but didn't look closely at it. it was so tiny and the print was miniscule. i forgot all about it until i started going through everything later on. i still couldn't read what was on it - even with my glasses - so i got my magnifying glass and walked over toward the light of the window. i couldn't believe my eyes when i saw that it read lewis - one of our nicknames for scout is louis (close enough) but the real shocker was the 222. she was born at 2:22 and it has been a favorite and special number to us for almost 17 years now. how crazy is this? i love it. i love that it came my way because i was respectful and through the kindness of a stranger. it was meant to be. 

it's a sign.

sweet dreams, everyone. thanks for stopping by. until tomorrow. happiness to you. from me. with heart. ox joon

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