5.8.11 ... mother's day gifts and rubber stamps


these are some of my mother's day gifts. the necklace is made by my etsy friend, modern bird. somebodies i love noticed my blog post about her shop. i was so surprised when i saw this lovely necklace. and look how it compliments my modern bird earrings.


ev and scout surprised me this morning with a pile of pretty packages and all of these goodies and more were inside. i would say i was one lucky mom on mother's day but that wouldn't make sense because, with my beautiful family, i am one lucky mom every day of every year.


for my creating project today i made some recycled packing out of leftover mother's day gift wrap.


and scout and i carved out our stamps. mine is the sun and scout's, which i think is incredible, is below. i have a few more fixes on mine but i want to wait until the wood block is on because that makes it easier and it also makes a difference on the impression smoothness.


scout's stamp is mimi - a character she created a little over two years ago. and, as an aside, scout looks so much like dustin as a teen. deja vu. i hope you all had a beautiful mother's day.

sweet dreams, everyone. thanks for stopping by. until tomorrow. happiness to you. from me. with heart. ox joon

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Laura Flavin said...

hi Joon!
xoxo, hope you had the best mothers day.