5.20.11 ... puzzles and buttons


here is yesterday's eyeglass case with its vintage button touches.


it was rainy today so taking photos was a challenge.


this morning ev and i went to the bin goodwill and i found all of these map puzzle pieces scattered pell mell. i collected them and then ev came and helped. i wish we had accomplished finding every one but i am still in shock that we found all but three. although, as scout said, they could have been missing before the puzzle was even donated. scout and i had a good time piecing it together and then doing the reverse side, below...


the illustrations are adorable. i also found a ravensberg outer space puzzle - 200 pieces in its box and i did not count them there. we put that together and every piece is there so that was fun. scout made chicken marsala, german noodles and fresh green beans for dinner. oh. my. gravy. so delicious. ev is making gin's peanut butter cookies and we're then going to watch another ally mcbeal. hope you all are enjoying a lovely evening.

sweet dreams, everyone. thanks for stopping by. until tomorrow. happiness to you. from me. with heart. ox joon

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