5.29.11 ... scout's graduation card creation


i have always wanted one of these sticker kits but never could see my way to paying full price. then i miraculously spied this one, still sealed and as new, at the thrift bin store which charges by the pound, so basically, this was free. i loved that it was a washington d.c. theme but had no idea what i would ever do with it. but the next day i put two and two together and now i know it was a sign that i found it in all that crazy chaos. so i shared my basic idea with scout and she created this fabulous card. i am sharing it today because val has seen it now so we're safe on the surprise end of things, and because my project for today is a two day affair and i don't want to post photos until it is complete. so come on back tomorrow for that one and i hope you enjoy this one as much as i did.


love it. we just finished watching the 1941 film 'meet john doe' and loved it. it is my first gary cooper film. no idea how that is possible but there you have it. it's on netflix instant and we highly recommend it.  

ps.  i just learned that scout wrote a review on her tumbler and it is so enjoyable!  you really should read it.  you will smile.  i guarantee it.  go HERE

sweet dreams, everyone. thanks for stopping by. until tomorrow. happiness to you. from me. with heart. ox joon
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