7.2.11 ... how to salvage your watchband


here is one of my fabric strips, strings and ribbons collections. i salvage these from our worn out clothes. if you look closely you can spy my watch nestled in there. and if you look further...


... you will see that one of the little strap bands is gone and the other one bit the dust this week. now i have to get serious. so i am going to remedy this by myself. why? because how boring are watch bands? and who wants to go out looking for one in 102* temperatures on a holiday weekend? and who wants to pay for one anyway? the band is still fine. i just went through replacing the former one with this one less than 2 years ago. so i will fix this one and jazz it up - which will personalize it and give it much needed character.


here you can see one new 'strap' has been formed and is glued and clasped tightly to set overnight. that one was formed without a guide. the second one is getting its YES! paste applied before being clasped and temporarily trimmed (the rough cut) to be left overnight. i applied this one over the broken one you saw above.


this whole escapade didn't take me 10 minutes, tops.


tomorrow i will take off the clamps and trim the straps closer and voila' - a spiffy repaired watchband. i bet these straps will last for years. how's your holiday weekend coming along? ours is pretty darn nice. we went for a little swim this afternoon. scout made dinner - teriyaki grilled chicken, sticky rice and a lovely salad with a new dressing - a lemon oregano vinaigrette i clipped out of a magazine years ago and had not tried yet. it's from a chicago restaurant. it's fantastic. now we're going to work on a puzzle. 

did any of you see craig last night? that man is hilarious every night, but last night was beyond hilarious. just love him.

sweet dreams, everyone. thanks for stopping by. until tomorrow. happiness to you. from me. with heart. ox joon

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