7.23.11 ... the reorganization project


today my weeks long project started to come together. i am almost finished getting somewhere. not sure if somewhere can be defined. but it is better than nowhere.


i am attempting to create a system that helps me corral all of my vintage finds into a pre and post listed state and, simultaneously, keep them in categories and allow space for my sewing and paper projects, etsy item photo shoots and packaging. there are large rubbermaid bins on the floor underneath these shelves and another top shelf not seen in these photos.


before i started this overhaul, my fabric was on two shelves. it was a challenge fitting so much onto the one shelf. only one half of the stacks can be seen in this photo. there are similar fabric stacks behind these.


i have a nice selection of fabrics, but i rarely get to use them because i don't have any space to work with. but i do small projects which satisfies me to a small extent. i love to sew.


clearing this section of shelf to make a spot for my vintage books was more than a challenge. i am amazed at this accomplishment. i sorted the books: adult. children's. cookbooks. pamphlets.


the clear bin holds jewelry, game tokens and other small treasures. the wood drawer holds my trinkets, souvenirs, collectibles, etc. that is, until the drawer sells. which will probably happen within days since i organized everything so tidily inside! there's still a lot to do but it doesn't seem so discouraging now. a few more days and i hope to work in here without a mountain of frustration. i hold good thoughts. send your happy vibes as well. thanks!

sweet dreams, everyone. thanks for stopping by. until tomorrow. happiness to you. from me. with heart. ox joon

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Stacy's Designs 88 said...

So inspired by your reorg project. I've been slowly working on mine...reorg # 37? But this time I actually made spaces that work better for me and how I do things. Like you, I have to handle our 2nd room which I call my storage room. You have inspired me dear. :)