7.3.11 ... italian dictionary ephemera upcycling


this was one of my many projects for today. scout salvaged these from the dictionary whose cover you see beneath them. added my own italia colors accents and will turn them into buttons and magnets for my joonbeam shop.


so darn cute, eh?


i had fun with them. i also made a strawberry shortcake cake - sponge style. and we went to see the film buck this afternoon. loved it. before we left i got this suitcase prepared for my very first local pick up! i made these bookmarks from vintage clue game cards. these are my first from those cards.


after we got home i did some mending and worked on rearranging my art room shelves a bit in a valiant attempt to make some more space. we shall see how that turns out. i made a pot of pinto beans and ham to slow cook overnight. all in all, it was quite a productive day. oh! i almost forgot. my watch repair (yesterday's post) turned out fabulously. i forgot to get a photo. will try to remember tomorrow.
ev will be back with the whipping cream soon so hasta la vista, baby. enjoy your holiday. 

God bless America.

sweet dreams, everyone. thanks for stopping by. until tomorrow. happiness to you. from me. with heart. ox joon

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