7.24.11 ... a loose paper pocket


you never have a mess of papers like this, i know. but i do. this afternoon i had a thought that i could save myself a lot of time and floating away bits of paper notes if i installed a little pocket inside the back of my notebook. my first idea was to use an old library card pocket. i have a small stash of those and i love them.


not surprisingly, as i was searching for them - i thought i knew exactly where they lived - instead, i spied my teeny stash of these whole foods gift card 'grocery bags' that one of my darling sons gave us for christmas a few years ago. he was creative and divided them up between the family members - pets included. cricket, as some of you know, is our precious middle kitty that we said good bye to recently. i loved that i spied this because it will hold a special meaning for me every time i open my book and see her name and i will be reminded of two sweeties in my life - cricket and my clever and generous son.


here is side b. i covered this side with yes! paste and placed it inside the back cover. i like this bag better than the library card pocket for another reason - it will open up and allow me to keep more papers in it than the flat library pocket would.


and now i can tuck my bits of paper in there and free myself from the worry and wanderlust that accompanies the original, greatly flawed, system.


i will leave you with this adorable scene i awoke to this morning. just inches from my head. besos is so funny. i felt this was a sign of a good day ahead. and it has been a good day. i went on a litter pick-up walk and collected 128 pieces of trash and recycling off of the streets of our neighborhood. and as i rounded one corner, a gentleman in an older truck was turning in to the church and he stopped and called out his window - thank you - and gave me a thumbs up sign. it is so encouraging to cross paths with nice, thoughtful people, isn't it? and that was only a small fragment of good things that came my way today. here's to a wonderful week ahead for all of us.

sweet dreams, everyone. thanks for stopping by. until tomorrow. happiness to you. from me. with heart. ox joon

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