Sharing Beauty on a Sunday Morning

Hello Friends. Just found THIS in the NYTimes online and it is a wonderful, inspiring respite to those who appreciate true art. If you love photography, you'll love the feature.

And, how does Robert Downey Jr. fit into all this? Well, not that he needs a reason to fit in anywhere, but he is featured in the presentation. And, complete coincidence: I am listing this set in my joonbeam shop this morning. Just the pinbacks, ladies. The photo stays with me.

How's your Sunday? Well, I believe it may have just improved significantly. :)
ox joon


Chauncey said...

Well Hellooooo Mr. RDJ! Very cool set, Joonie

~*~Pearl~*~ said...

Yummy, he's hot!

ZudaGay said...

Great Downey set, Joonie! And thank you so much for sharing the link....it is fabulous!!

jstinson said...

I remember RDJ before he was Charlie Chaplin! LOL Enjoyed your blog. Good luck with the pins.