Introducing joonwalk

On January First I registered my new etsy shop, joonwalk. My goal was to open shop by Valentine's Day. Guess how I spent my day yesterday? Late last night I listed my first 3 items. Mission accomplished! I am proud that I overcame what feels like a million obstacles to get here. My main challenges are me, myself & I and lighting. In theory, only the latter is uncontrollable. Reality finds the former perhaps more so. Like my original shop, my new shop will focus on recycled & upcycled creations. joonbeam will showcase my pinback buttons, magnets & Diamond Girl Thumbtacks exclusively. If things go well, this Spring I will open my fourth and final shop, which will feature small & unique vintage treasures.

I am excited about my new creations.
One is my Vocabulary Necklace which I call true blue & you.

These little cuties are my pocketful of starlight creations. Each one is one~of~a~kind. This one is made from an old hospital gown. I love this fabric. Each star has a coordinating fabric back and each one is hand embroidered free hand, so always different. The star you see in each photo is the star you get. I never feature my handcrafted art with a representative photo.

This little sweetie was my first sale! It is made from an 1970s era worn out quilt I found at a thrift shop and used beyond its time. Still, I had to clip what I could salvage. I just love it. I cover the button threads with a little piece of fabric. How cute is this bunny? {below} It's about all I had left of this vintage piece. There's a bookmark in my flickr pool with the main swatch. The star reverse here was once a {rare} tot Scout dress. I couldn't bear to part with it so into the fabric bin it went! And this is how I do things. Is it any wonder my creative journeys are a long & winding road?

I hope you'll visit my new shop often and see my new creations, all made with Mother Earth and you in mind.
Because peace, love and environment is everything.

ox joon


~*~Pearl~*~ said...

Oh you know I LOVE your new shop!!! OMG a pocketful of starlight! How cute is that! someone who has went by Starrlight for over 10 years on the internet would have to have one!

Chauncey said...

JoonieGirl, Best wishes with your brand new super cool shop!!

Sixsisters said...

Your new shop is so cool ! I wish you all of the luck in the world. Your items are so unique you will be a
star too !

thewildhare said...

Good luck with your new shop, Joon! I wish I could have snagged that bunny star - maybe next time! :):)

ara133photography said...

Those necklaces are awesome!! I love the family pic, you are all adorable!! :) And what a beautiful egg Scout made!

susanlambert said...

good luck with your new shop! It looks great!

Kathi said...

Aloha! Your new shop is so wonderful and sweet. I love those vocabulary necklaces. Thanks for visiting my corner of the world, too! I wanted to name my daughter Isabella...when that didn't happen, I decided to use it for my business!

Bri said...

These are really adorable. You're very good at doing a lot with a little!