one small step ~ eclectic

I LoVeD finding these new~to~me shops.

The first in a series of joonwalk treasuries. Each one will employ a guessing game ~ can you find the tag search word I used that led me to these beauties? Each item may not have the tag since I arrived at these via my search word, but also sought out a lovely composition, so an item may be another one from a shop I found using the term. Answers for each treasury in the series will be revealed here and in the following treasury. The answer is: eclectic

My sister, ghouliegirl, is the only one who has sent me the correct term. Congratulations!!!

ox joon


maryeb said...

Great idea! I love discovering new shops. I don't think I'm clever enough to figure out your search tag, but I'll think about it.
Thanks for sharing!

Kathi said...

beautiful treasury! and very fun. i'll have to keep an eye out for your treasuries.

thewildhare said...

Love the new shops, and the treasury! I can not for the life of me imagine the search word, but am anxious to know!

Bri said...

so that's what it was! sheesh. well, I liked it anyway!