8.19.11 ... saving a favorite shirt


those of you who visit here occasionally have probably seen a post or two where the day's project was mending something or other. today i tackled this shirt. i have been without it all summer all for wont of what turned out to be about one hour's work. why, oh why? well, let's not tackle that issue tonight. the story behind this shirt: i found it about 7 years ago at a resale shop in northampton, ma. it was 1.25. i love this shirt. every time i wear it someone compliments me on it. i trimmed the neck so it wouldn't choke me. and i keep adding patches.


i think i added 10-ish today.


this photo shows two previous patches and two new. the sprout applique i have had for well over 20 years. maybe closer to 30. i have been saving it for just the right place. i forgot all about it. but it peeked out from my huge pile of tags and i decided today was the day. i used fabric pieces for all of the other patches on his shirt today but i also fixed a pair of my favorite pants, which i will share tomorrow. i used some tags as patches on those.


thats all for tonight, folks. i had quite a productive creative afternoon but too many photos for one post so i'll be back with more tomorrow. here's to a wonderful weekend for us all. 

sweet dreams, everyone. thanks for stopping by. until tomorrow. happiness to you. from me. with heart. ox joon

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