8.20.11 ... salvaging my deck of cards pants


previously, on joonbeam ... i fixed two of my favorite articles of clothing. i posted about my tie dyed shirt last night - i wore it today with great happiness, by the way. tonight, i am sharing my pants. not literally. you may not have them or any part of them. i love them so. they are really on their last legs. what a card i am this evening. i wasn't sure i could save them because the entire waistband is shredding to pieces. but i think i came up with a brilliant idea. the strip of fabric you see encircling the below the waist area is the edging from a sheet - that also fell apart and yet i continue to salvage it. it worked out perfectly because i could add it below the elastic and tie channel. in theory this should be enough to get me by for a year or two longer. i hope so. i also added some of my tag patches.


this one is covering a side seam that is wearing away.


the tiny fit tag has been cracking me up for a long time. it now has a place in my wardrobe. it was just right. the toggery tag is covering a larger hole from the general waistband disintegration.


i love that toggery tag.


i did something else creative today that i want to post but i will have to share it tomorrow. i love that i have overage these past few days. it feels good to be creating more than usual.

sweet dreams, everyone. thanks for stopping by. until tomorrow. happiness to you. from me. with heart. ox joon

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