8.21.11 ... my scout treasury


i created this treasury in honor of scout and her new etsy shop. it features some of her favorite things. here's the break down:

1:   this kiwi is one of her favorite finds and is listed in her shop.
2:   mister rogers. we love him. enough said.
3:   she LOVES milk. we're talkin' love.
4:   a little scout finch tkam reference. how cute is that?
5:   scout collects vintage ziggy smalls. these are really unique which we like best.
6:   loves dule and psych and burton guster and will be tapping with dule one day. so stay tuned.
7:   like bert, scout has a thing for pigeons.
8:   scout has an eclectic and groovy hat collection. this is very like one of her favs.
9:   pigeons again and how darn cool is this thing?
10: tootsie is a supremely favorite film. we quote it endlessly.
11: as a rule, not a day goes by without scout and ice cream spotted together.
12: loves horses and misses horseback riding.
13: gershwin has been her guy since she was a tiny tot.
14: she has a fun paulie bleeker t shirt and has an affinity for michael cera.
15: parks & rec. again, enough said.
16: wes anderson is a favorite film maker. the stars will align for scout and wes. i know it. they are a match made in heaven. at a theater near you.

i had a lot of fun creating this and plan to curate more scout's favorite things treasuries. her shop is off to a great start, btw. you can visit it here: 

you might want to bookmark it. the girl's got a good eye. 

sweet dreams, everyone. thanks for stopping by. until tomorrow. happiness to you. from me. with heart. ox joon
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